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Colorado State University is Encouraging Students to Stop Using the Word “American”



The thought controllers at Colorado State University believe that “American” is a non-inclusive word that should not be used.

CSU’s online Inclusive Language Guide, which CSU’s Inclusive Communications Task Force compiled, list specific words and phrases to avoid while searching for alternative words in an effort to help “communicators practice inclusive language and [help] everyone on [its] campus feel welcomed, respected, and valued.”

For CSU, “American” and “America” are non-inclusive words that must be avoided because America encompasses more than just the U.S. By using America to refer to the U.S., the guide asserts that the word “erases other cultures and depicts the United States as the dominant American country.” Instead, the school suggests the use of U.S. citizen” or “person from the U.S.” as alternatives.

CSU claims that its guide listing terms and phrases that must be avoided is “not an official policy or required practice.” Instead, it “is intended as a resource to help our campus community reflect our Principles of Community, particularly inclusion, respect, and social justice.”

Additionally, the guide states, “The guide is not about political-correctness or policing grammar, but rather helping communicators practice inclusive language and helping everyone on our campus feel welcomed, respected, and valued.”

Azhar Majeed, a spokesman for the free speech organization Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sees the potential for this guide to abuse free speech. He told Campus Reform that this “guide certainly does encompass a great deal of everyday, common expressions, and it is possible that the speech of some students will be chilled if they are confused into thinking that the document represents official policy of the university.”

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