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Plastic is Big Business – Pot Vs Cigs Advertising & Sales

Plastics Company Bringing Big Business to Georgia Port

A California-based plastics company has chosen the Georgia coast to open a packaging and shipping facility that will be one of the largest exporters using the Port of Savannah, Gov. Brian Kemp announced Wednesday.

Plastic Express plans to export about 25,000 cargo containers through Savannah each year. That’s enough to fill roughly four big ships.

“This company in the first year will be one of the top five folks doing business with the port,” Kemp told reporters at the port’s docks. “This is going to be incredible for us.”

Headquartered in the Los Angeles suburb of Industry, Plastic Express ships plastic and other industrial materials to customers in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa.

The company plans to hire about 160 workers at its new $172 million facility west of Savannah. CEO Ray Hufnagel said the Georgia plant will export resin used in plastic pipe and other construction materials.

Legal weed stores will be ‘very chic, very modern’

This is what the end of cannabis prohibition will look like in New Brunswick: An upscale showroom with black ceilings, grey walls and a once-illicit drug displayed in brightly lit glass cases.

“Think along the lines of a jewellery store. Very chic, very modern, very clean-cut lines,” New Brunswick Liquor Corp. spokesman Mark Barbour says in an interview.

“That’s where the product will be kept, in locked glass cases, and from there the transaction will be made and proceed to a point-of-sale area.”

With less than seven months to go before recreational marijuana is legalized, provinces and territories are scrambling to come up with plans to sell cannabis.

But only scant details have emerged about what the retail experience of buying legal weed will be like.

Ottawa lawyer Trina Fraser predicts it won’t be much akin to buying a bottle of scotch.

“Think more like tobacco as opposed to alcohol,” she says. “It’s not going to be like you’ll walk in and there are samples.”

The Gun Control Debate Is Pointless Until Liberals Admit They Want To Repeal The Second Amendment

It didn’t take long. Long before all the facts about the tragic mass shooting in Las Vegas were known or even all the missing were accounted for, liberals were riding their familiar gun control hobby horses. Within hours of the atrocity, articles were being posted online from the usual suspects, like Frank Bruni and Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times and Richard Cohen of the Washington Post, trotting out familiar themes. They want laws requiring more background checks, age limits on purchases, preventing people with a record of mental illness or domestic violence from being sold weapons, so-called “smart gun” measures that can trace guns and ammunition more easily, and even suggested banning handguns.

As is the case with most of the mass shootings that have shocked Americans in recent decades, none of these measures would have prevented the slaughter in Las Vegas. Initial reports say that shooter Stephen Paddock passed background checks when he purchased weapons. That makes sense since the police have initially said he didn’t have a record of prior offenses.

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