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Jussie Smollett Attorneys: Even If He Faked Assault Chicago Police Should Not Have Investigated Attack so Vigorously

Jim Hoft

In late January “washed up” Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett faked a hate crime in an allegeded beating by two white Trump supporters in freezing temperatures in Chicago at 2 AM in the morning.

Smollwtt was later let off by the corrupt Cook County State’s Attorney’s office after his vicious stunt to smear Trump supporters as homophobic, racists backfired.

Smollett was charged with 16 counts of lying to police in his hoax hate crime in January. Smollett allegedly employed two Nigerian brothers to play the parts of the homophobic white men.

 The Chicago Police Department released several hours of evidence in June including video of the two Nigerian brothers in a taxi on their way to meet Smollett late at night in January on the night of the fake hate crime.

The Chicago Police later sent actor Jussie Smollett a bill for $130,000 in March demanding payment for their investigation of his false statements.

The police letter to Jussie Smollett said, “The Chicago Police Department take seriously those who make false statements to the police, thereby diverting resources from other investigations.”

Jussie Smollett was later charged by police for faking the hate crime. The Chicago police want $130,000 from the far left actor to pay for their investigation of the crime.

Now Smollett’s attorneys are arguing that even if Smollett faked the crime the Chicago police shouldn’t have investigated the alleged crime so vigorously.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported:

But the latest court filing contends even if Smollett did make a false report, there is no way the city can assert he would have known the city would investigate — and investigate it to the extent cops did.

“We contend the city is wrong,” Quinlan said of the city’s assertion that Smollett should have known the police would log nearly 2,000 hours in overtime trying to resolve the case. “ … The mere fact somebody filed a police report doesn’t presume the investigation will be done and certainly not to the extent of what the city is claiming.”

He added: “Smollett has no control over that.”

In the legal brief, obtained by Sneed, Smollett makes clear that he “disputes any and all assertions that he made a false statement and was not a victim of a crime.”

But even if he did, “The filing of a police report, in and of itself, does not necessitate a sprawling investigation nor does it, as a practical matter, usually result in an investigation as extensive as the one the CPD chose to undertake in this case,” the motion says.

It goes on to say the city “has failed to allege that Mr. Smollett was similarly ‘well aware’ that his statements to police would result in 1,836 hours of police overtime, or any other reasons why he should have known this would have been the case.”

Last month, U.S. District Judge Virginia Kendall, who is hearing the case, said she will rule in October on whether the city could move forward with its lawsuit to redeem the costs.

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