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Volunteer Fire Company Shut Down For WrongThink to Reopen After Groveling Apology

Chris Menahan

The 100-year-old volunteer fire company which was shut down by Haverford Township’s Board of Commissioners because one member allegedly tried to join the “Western Chauvinist” group the Proud Boys is slated to be reopened as early as next week after issuing a groveling apology and agreeing to put their volunteer force through a modern-day struggle session.

From NBC Philadelphia:

A Delaware County fire company that was shut down last week after being accused of failing to take action against a volunteer with alleged ties to an extremist group, is now set to reopen after accepting that volunteer’s resignation.

Haverford Township announced Monday that the Bon Air Fire Company will soon be back in service.

The fire company will undergo tolerance training and revise its anti-discrimination laws once they officially reopen, the officials said. Bon Air also released a statement Monday.

“Membership in any hate group is unacceptable to the Bon Air Fire Company,” a spokesperson for Bon Air wrote. “The Bon Air Fire Company opposes any organization which treats any person unfairly or unequally.”

The Haverford Township manager still needs to sign off on officially bringing Bon Air back in service. No date has been set for that yet though it could occur as early as this week.

We’ll learn next week whether or not they sufficiently prostrated themselves enough to be allowed to serve the public as volunteer firefighters despite their thought crimes.

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