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Clinton Foundation Bilked $130 Million From Australia

Joe Hoft

After 2016 Election Directors Fled Country from Headquarters Housed in a Shack on a Dirt Road Outside Melbourne

The Clinton Foundation reportedly milked over $130 million from Australians over the past couple decades.  After the 2016 election, Clinton Foundation directors in Australia bailed and left the Australian headquarters – a shack on a dirt road outside Melbourne.

An Internet sleuth posted an incredible story regarding the Clinton Foundation in Australia.  The story is another shocking example of the corrupt sham that the Clintons used to pillage individuals and countries around the world.

The story begins with the author noting the connections between Alexander Downer and Spygate –

A few weeks later, around 10 May 2016, Papadopoulos met former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer at the Kensington Wine Rooms in London and (according to Downer) told him that Russia had “dirt” on Clinton. Downer said he passed that information on to Australian intelligence agencies. That information eventually set the official Russiagate investigation in motion.

But Papadopoulos insists he never talked about Mifsud’s “dirt” information during his one hour meeting with Downer (although he does admit passing that information on to Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias on 26 May 2016). Papadopoulos’ book claims Downer was aggressive and recorded their conversation, which Downer denies.

“The phone comes out again. He must have grabbed it and held it up at least four times. He is so aggressive, so hostile… I believe Australian and UK intelligence were involved in an active operation to target Trump and his associates.”

In an oddly disengaged 30 minute July 2019 podcast Downer said his meeting with Papadopoulos was suggested by the Israeli embassy in London. While rudely eating, grunting, snorting and tapping what sound like glasses and spoons, Downer frequently indulges in strange hypothetical musings about whether what he just stated as fact might actually not be true.


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