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Trudeau’s SNC Lies – Liberal Social Engineering

Justin Trudeau lied again

Trudeau continues to assert that media stories are false despite ruling that he broke the law

Last night Justin Trudeau unrepentantly lied again to Canadians about the SNC-Lavalin corruption scandal. In a debate exchange with Mr. Scheer, Justin Trudeau shockingly asserted that a Globe and Mail story, which first detailed how Justin Trudeau attempted to interfere in an ongoing corruptions and fraud court case, was false.

How do Canadians know Justin Trudeau lied last night? Check the record:

Trudeau attempts to rewrite history on SNC-Lavalin

The most troubling part of Justin Trudeau’s attempt to rewrite history on the SNC-Lavalin affair is it’s a sign the prime minister may be prepared to politically interfere again in a criminal prosecution.

Trudeau claimed during Monday’s televised leaders debate the original Globe and Mail story that ran in February was “false.” He made the surprise comment after Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer reminded Trudeau he looked Canadians in the eye the day the story ran and flat out lied when he said the allegations were false.

Forgive Trudeau? Not on your progressive life. The case for his dismissal as Canada’s prime minister

“Forward” is Justin Trudeau’s “progressive” call to arms in this election campaign.

Away is more like it.

Away from holding him accountable for his own sordid past, rife with scandal, illegal conduct, broken public trust, and seemingly no end of unethical behaviour and decidedly stupid decisions.

Behold, the New Trudeau Man

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took power in 2015, he promised us “change.”

At the time, we all thought it was government he was going to change, making it better or – given this is Trudeau we’re talking about – making it adorable.

But it turns out we were wrong.

Only now, are we starting to realize that what Trudeau really wants to change isn’t government, it’s us he wants to change.

That’s to say, he wants to modify our collective behaviour, or if you prefer, to “social engineer” us into what he considers a superior breed of human. And it should go without saying that the model for this superior breed of human is none other than Justin Trudeau himself.

In fact, although I’m not privy to the prime minister’s inner circle, I’m willing to bet his party ideologists refer to the better human they’re envisioning as the “New Trudeau Man.”

Multiculturalism is being manipulated to harm Canada

One would have to be politically blind and deaf if they haven’t noticed the increasing role of foreign countries and ideologies playing out a divisive role in Canadian politics.

The recent expulsion of pro-democracy Hong Kong activists from the Montreal Pride Parade by organizers afraid of negative reaction by pro-China communists is a tiny example of how urban Canada is being divided into rival tribes based on racial identities or ideologies aided by petty politicians unaware of the long-term damage being done to the Canadian fabric and family.

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