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4,000-hp Thor24 custom truck hammers for US$12 million in Saudi Arabia

by Matthew Guy

The ridiculous big rig boasts twin V12s, a 200-km/h top speed and a manual gearbox

What has twenty-four cylinders, weighs 32,000 pounds and was outlandish enough to command US$12 million in a country where money’s no object for many of its residents?

If you think the answer is this Thor24 crew cab semi built by stunt pilot and boat racer Mike Harrah, you’d be absolutely right.

Over the span of seven years and about US$7 million, Harrah constructed one of the most extreme vehicles – let alone truck tractors – ever to ply the face of this earth. The power developed by 1,704 cubic inches of displacement comes from a brace of two 12-cylinder Detroit diesel engines, arranged neatly like ducks in a row.

There are a dozen 871 superchargers arranged above the blocks to push the beast to create a blistering 3,974 horsepower. It also packs a nitrous boost, allowing the 32,000-pound truck to crest 200 km/h. A quartet of 12-foot drag chutes help to reel in all that speed.

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