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Brian framed some profundity in his sleep and quickly wrote it down and emailed it to me (Right Rick at Right Edition) to share his thoughts and I thought to share with you. A fun way to start the day!



Climate change. I don’t get the concept. When I hear folks yipping about climate change I assume that they want the climate to remain as it is, right? Hold on. I have been in Canada for the past few days and I am frozen. It is bloody cold, colder and crazier than a liberals opinion. Winter comes every year and always at the same time. That’s enough. I want climate change. Canada benefits too. Northern ports will open. There will be longer growing seasons. There won’t be any more winter shutdowns of businesses and activities. Please start a new and improved movement to change the climate. Those who want the climate to stay as it is want Canada to remain oppressed. Thank you.

Logic from your wiser advisor

Brian Lovig

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