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Schiff Claims President Trump Mounting a Legal Defense is Evidence of Guilt

Cristina Laila

House Intelligence Chairman and impeachment manager Adam Schiff on Tuesday argued that Trump mounting a legal defense is evidence of guilt.

“The innocent do not act this way,” tyrant Adam Schiff said of Trump’s legal team mounting a defense and attempting to fight subpoenas in court.

This of course sets the precedent that every American who mounts a legal defense is guilty which is an abomination to our Constitution.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also suggested something similar when she called on President Trump to prove to the court he is innocent.

Schiff also defended his secret impeachment hearings in the House basement bunker.


President Trump’s lead counsel Pat Cipollone destroyed Adam Schiff in his response from the Senate floor.

“Obstruction for going to court? It’s an act of patriotism to defend the constitutional rights of the president because if they can do it to the president, they could do it to any of you, and they could do it to any American citizen. That’s wrong,” Cipollone said.

“It’s dangerous to suggest that invoking constitutional rights is impeachable — it’s dangerous,” Cipollone said. “And you know what? It is dangerous, Mr. Schiff.”

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