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Limousine Socialists – Minister of Middle Class?

Limousine Liberal

Basically, the “Do as i say, not as i do” crowd of wealthy elitists who have the best ideas on how regular Janes and Joes can sacrifice their comforts and conveniences to help alleviate the sufferings and ills of the world while they dismiss themselves from the very things they demand of the public.

For example.

They’ll tell us to ride bikes or use public transportation to get to work to conserve energy while they get taxied around in limos and private jets.

They’ll tell us to use solar powered energy in our homes and air dry our laundry while they live in huge mansions that use more electricity in one month than the average household uses a year.

Trudeau and deficits

Former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin supported the Trudeau government’s proclivity for deficits, being a good Liberal and this an election year(1993).. He is also aware of the danger presented by endless deficits and mounting debt.
Here are some numbers to consider. Canada’s net debt as of 2017-18 was $758.8 billion with a $26 BILLION interest charge. A finance department report shows federal deficits until 2040-41.

A 2014 version of a financial report under the Stephen Harper government projected decades of consecutive surpluses. The Trudeau government wasn’t elected in 2015 on a platform that included deficits and debt as far as the eye can see. This is short-term gain for long-term pain that saddles future generations with the risk and the fallout.

Is Canada’s party discipline the strictest in the world? Experts say yes

Part of Reinventing Parliament, a series examining how to make Parliament relevant again. With thanks to

It’s not just a partisan rant from those who are dissatisfied with the current state of politics. Experts say Canada’s government really is more controlling and less tolerant of dissent than most other democracies in the free world.

Almost all discourse in the Canadian Parliament is scripted by party staffers. Questions posed of the government rarely meet straight answers. Politicians vote as their party leaders dictate nearly 100 per cent of the time. Few private members’ initiatives get past first reading.

Do other countries do democracy better? The answer seems to be yes – if you subscribe to the belief that MPs should be free to speak their minds and to act as the voice of their constituents.

Middle class prosperity minister says Canada can’t measure who is in the middle class

Canada has no official way of measuring who is and isn’t a member of the middle class, Minister of Middle Class Prosperity Mona Fortier said Monday.

Conservative MP Pat Kelly asked Fortier in the House of Commons to provide the number and percentage of individuals who she considers to belong to the middle class.

“The income required to attain a middle-class lifestyle can vary greatly based on Canadians’ specific situation,” Fortier replied.

“Canada has no official statistical measure of what constitutes the middle class.”

Since her cabinet position as minister of middle class prosperity and associate minister of finance was announced, Fortier has been dogged with questions about she defines the middle class. However, speaking on CTV Power Play shortly after being appointed to cabinet in November, she could not do so.

“There’s no unique definition for middle class,” she told host Joyce Napier.

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