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“A Fish Rots from the Head” – the FBI and DOJ Are Now Corrupted

Joe Hoft

Joe diGenova: “Where Are the Whistleblowers?”

Former US Attorney, Joe diGenova, was on the Howie Carr Show this Monday and he repeated what we’ve known for years:  Today’s FBI is a corrupt organization.

At the 10:30 mark of his interview on the Howie Carr Show, diGenova said the following:

… Now, here’s what that tells you.  It tells you when you go back and you look, was there a single whistleblower that came forward to object to those tactics [actions FBI took to raid Roger Stone’s house at gun point with 29 FBI agents, two boats and a helicopter, all filmed by CNN for bogus charges of lying to Congress]? And, the answer is ‘no’.

So I don’t want to hear anymore that this story is just about people at the top. It is not.  There were a bunch of FBI Agents who did nothing.  Who stood idly by and allowed, allowed, ALLOWED, an abusive prosecution to begin in the most outrageous way by a raid on an innocent citizen’s house [Roger Stone’s]…

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