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Bloomberg: China Is Not About People Picking Their Leaders, ‘They Like Their System’

by Ian Hanchett

During a town hall on CNN on Wednesday, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg stated that China doesn’t “seem to want” a system where people get to choose their leaders and “They like their system.”

Bloomberg said, “It’s a question of what is a dictator. They don’t have a democracy in the sense that they have general elections. That is true. They do have a system where a small group of people appoint the head, and they turn over periodically. … I think the question is, if your definition is a democracy where people vote and pick their leaders, that is not what China’s about, and they don’t seem to want it. They like their system. And I think they’re wrong. I think they’d be better off opening things up, having freedom of the press, which they don’t have, having lots of different cultures come in. That’s the great strength of America. They don’t seem to think that. And I think we should work as hard as we can to change that.”

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