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Democrat Debates – California Almonds

Trump Piles On Bloomberg Over ‘Stumbling, Bumbling, and Grossly Incompetent’ Debate Performance: ‘Perhaps the Worst’ in History

President Donald Trump, who was also in Las Vegas ahead of the Democrats’ Nevada caucus this weekend, mocked self-funding billionaire candidate Mike Bloomberg in a late-night Tweet, calling the latter’s debate performance “perhaps the worst in the history of debates.”

Bloomberg was roundly criticized for making an awful debut in the 2020 primary debates, a verdict that Trump was quick to amplify with a scathing Twitter post where he suggested said the former New York City mayor might soon quit the race because he was “stumbling, bumbling, and grossly incompetent.”

Bee Thieves Pose a Big Threat to California’s Almond Industry

Forget that worn-out phrase about “selling like hotcakes,” because it might be more accurate to say that popular items are “selling like almonds.” According to The Guardian, in the past two decades, California’s almond industry has grown into an $11 billion dollar business, and it’s mostly because the United States has developed an obsession with that particular tree nut. Americans are now the world’s biggest per-capita almond-eaters, consuming more than two pounds per person annually, and almond milk sales have increased by 250 percent in the past five years.

Honeybees are a crucial component of every almond farm, and the hard-working pollinators are always in demand: one million acres of almond blossoms requires twice as many hives, according to the California Department of Agriculture’s AgReport.

Trans Mountain expansion to cost more than $12 billion

winning the Trans Mountain pipeline, which Canadians now own, will cost $5 billion more than the last capital cost estimate, Trans Mountain president Ian Anderson confirmed this morning.

The expansion, last pegged in 2017 at $7.4 billion, will actually cost $12.6 billion, Anderson confirmed Friday, February 7. That is $3.3 billion more than what the Parliamentary Budget Office estimated a one-year delay would push the final costs to.

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