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Corona-virus Trumps Fault – Cons. Reject Decarie

Open Borders Warren Blames Trump for the Coronavirus Outbreak

Democrats have gone mad. Not mad cow disease mad, but mad. Elizabeth Warren, now assuming to be 1/1024% Scientist says Trump’s policies are to blame for the Wuhan Coronavirus invading the United States.

Open borders have given rise to diseases that were literally eradicated in the United States. People are now being required to get vaccines for diseases we, as a nation, had successfully gotten rid of decades ago.

But now Warren, along with all the other Democrat presidential hopefuls are claming Trump’s policies have caused the virus to jump our borders and infect U.S. citizens.

Of course, Liberals clearly are on her side.

Trump signs $8.3 billion emergency coronavirus aid package

President Donald Trump signed an emergency supplemental spending bill Friday to aid the US’s response to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

The spending package will make available $8.3 billion in federal assistance to government health officials and to support research and development of a vaccine. Trump initially sought only $2 billion to fight the virus, but Congress quadrupling that amount in its version of the bill.

“We’ve signed the 8.3 billion,” Trump told reporters Friday. “I asked for two and a half and I got 8.3 and I’ll take it.”

Outspoken social conservative Richard Decarie rejected from Tory leadership

Richard Decarie, a social conservative whose views have been condemned by some senior Conservatives, has been barred from running in the party’s leadership race.

Decarie, who believes being LGBTQ is a choice and the government should defund abortion, had submitted the required application, fee and nomination signatures to run in the contest by Thursday’s deadline.

He was also interviewed by the party, as per the rules.

Northlands cancels Edmonton’s K-Days Parade

Northlands announced Friday it would be cancelling its annual K-Days Parade that traditionally kicks off the summer midway event in Edmonton.

The decision was made after extensive discussions, guest surveys, reviewing industry best practices and factoring in declining attraction attendance and “current fiscal realities,” Northlands said.

READ MORE: Rain holds off for 2019 K-Days Parade through downtown Edmonton

The organization’s president said the choice was not an easy one.

“After exploring all options and much discussion, we must listen to our guests, who have told us very clearly that they want to see us invest in onsite programming,” Northlands president and CEO Peter Male said in a statement.

“Redirecting the substantive amount of money required to stage the parade into onsite programming allows us to increase the calibre and amount of overall fair entertainment, which is our priority.

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