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Canada too Many Politicians – Peter McKay

Seven Ways that the Canadian Electoral system is UNFAIR

A Brief Submitted to the Special Committee on Electoral Reformby Stephen McCullochI am not a whiner. I know very well that life is not fair. But, our electoral system, which should fairly represent our interests, is out of balance. And there are viable alternatives. 1. Phoney MajoritiesMost of us are aware that in an election, a party can win the majority of seats in Parliament without receiving the majority of the votes cast. When this happens, we have a government which sets policy, the political agenda and passes legislation unilaterally. The opposition parties, even together, cannot get enough votes in the house to prevent the ruling party from doing what it wants.

Why Canadians need a fair and proportional voting system

The voting system is the heart of representative democracy. It’s the tool citizens use to create democratic government.When every citizen’s vote has equal value, parliaments can reflect the political will of the people.If the voting system ignores or distorts what voters say, governments cannot be properly accountable and democracy is compromised. This is the core problem with the Canadian political system. Our 21st century democracy is hobbled by a dysfunctional 12th century voting system that was scrapped long ago by most major democracies.

Peter MacKay’s powerful ally—a lobbyist with SNC-Lavalin ties

William Pristanski has been a key MacKay backer and strategist. He was also one of the lobbyists seeking to help SNC-Lavalin avoid a criminal trial.
The strategist who has been working for decades to make Peter MacKay the prime minister is one of the high-powered lobbyists who tried to convince the Trudeau government to help SNC-Lavalin avoid a criminal trial for bribing corrupt officials in Libya.

William Pristanski, a well-connected former senior aide to Brian Mulroney, is raising money and offering strategic advice on MacKay’s campaign to succeed Andrew Scheer as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. It’s a relationship that is likely to come under the spotlight if MacKay wins the leadership race and takes over the party in June, as seems likely.

Peter MacKay’s progressive stance may not play will within Conservative Party

There’s no doubt Conservative leadership hopeful Peter MacKay is trying to position himself as the socially-progressive Conservative option, but some experts wonder how his plan to court the broader Canadian electorate will play with the party’s core.

MacKay, who officially launched his campaign for leader this weekend and announced Monday he had been formally accepted as a candidate by the party, said earlier this week that he had applied to march in the 2020 Toronto pride parade.

“We live in a world where sexual orientation and gender identity are still used by tyrants and bigots to belittle and oppress. In Canada, we are lucky to have a society that has grown more tolerant, more accepting and more understanding, but there is still more work to be done,” MacKay said in a statement posted on social media.

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