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Enemy of the People – Rude Reporters Lash Out at Trump Over Coronavirus

Cristina Laila

Media Hysteria Causes Panic Buying, Americans Fight Over Toilet Paper

The media is truly the enemy of the American people.

The fraudstream media has caused mass hysteria over the Coronavirus and Americans are panic buying and fighting each other for rolls of toilet paper and hand sanitizer.

Brawls broke out across the country at Costco, Sam’s Club and smaller grocery stores chains as supplies became scarce.

Stores have been cleaned out of toilet paper, pasta, eggs, flour, canned soup, hand sanitizer and frozen food.

One Georgia man ended up being wheeled out of a Sam’s Club in a stretcher after he got into a fight with another man. The two men slashed each other with broken wine bottles after their grocery carts bumped into each other.

Women were seen screaming at each other over dwindling supplies, long lines and overcrowded stores.


Liberal hack reporters have lashed out at President Trump during press conferences on the Coronavirus.

President Trump on Friday shut down horrid leftist NPR Reporter Yamiche Alcindor during the Rose Garden press garden after he declared a national emergency over the Coronavirus.

Liberal media hacks hurled insults and attacked President Trump and his outstanding team.

One reporter asked President Trump if he was going to get tested for Coronavirus asserting he was selfish for prolonging the test after coming into contact with a Bolosonaro aide who tested positive for the virus.

On Saturday the liberal media hacks were at it again.

One reporter rudely asked President Trump if his temperature was normal as he walked out of the press briefing room.

The President turned around and said, “totally normal.”


The Democrat-media complex has also attacked Trump as “xenophobic” and “racist” for implementing moratoriums on incoming flights from China and Europe.

Fighting over toilet paper and food is completely un-American.

Americans are known for being charitable and helping their neighbors but the media has successfully divided this country by over-hyping the dangers of the Coronavirus.

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