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Pandemic Math: The WHO Started the Global Coronavirus Panic

By Jim Hoft

Same Group that Overstated the H1N1 Mortality Rate by 65 Times Its Actual Rate

‘Lifestyle guru’ Dave Asprey released a viral video this past week entitled “Pandemic Math” where he laid out the manner is which mortality estimates for pandemics are estimated.

He also discussed the timeline for a pandemic which always go down over time.

Dr. Ned Nikolav also posted on this concept on Friday.

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Dr. Asprey’s work provides additional support for our claims at The Gateway Pundit that the WHO’s mortality estimate of 3.4% was a massive overstatement of the rate for the coronavirus.

Dave Asprey, released an excellent video explaining why the current estimates for the coronavirus are materially overstated.  Simply put, they are because the initial estimates for pandemics are always incorrect.

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