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CNN Abruptly Cuts Away as ‘My Pillow’ CEO Mike Lindell Announces His Factories Will Crank Out 50,000 N95 Masks by Friday

By Cristina Laila

My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell announced his factories will be cranking out 50,000 N95 masks by Friday in an effort to help Americans during a time of crisis.

President Trump called Mr. Lindell up to the lectern to speak for a few minutes on Monday at his Rose Garden press conference and the media went crazy.

Lindell said he dedicated 75% of his manufacturing to produce cotton face masks: “In 3 days I was up to 10,000 a day — by Friday I want to be up to 50,000 a day,” he said.

Mr. Lindell said he was “proud to serve the nation” during this time and beamed with pride over his American-made products.

But CNN abruptly cut away as Mike Lindell began to speak.

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