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Insurance product defends Canadian gun owners

Firearm Legal Defence is a legal expense insurance product available to 2.5 million licensed Canadian gun owners in every province and territory. Founded in 2012, Firearm Legal Defence offers preventive legal advice and a no-cost defence from prosecution for offences arising from the storage, display or transportation of a gun, as well as regulatory issues.

The exclusive Legal Advice Helpline provides unlimited access to legal advice on any topic for policyholders. Thousands of calls have been received. To date 17 cases have been referred to qualified lawyers, with Firearm Legal Defence covering the costs.

“For just $95 per year, policyholders can avoid the risk of huge legal bills. Licensed gun owners must pass background checks, are great citizens and we have them covered. Firearm Legal Defence is a must-have for all licensed gun owners in Canada” says Brian Lovig, spokesperson.

Learn more at or e-mail [email protected].

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