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Numerous New Yorkers Claim “Mail In” Ballots Cast In Their Name Without Their Knowledge


Various residents of Passaic County, New York are complaining about not receiving or sending a vote-by-mail ballot.

Such complaints have emerged despite the Board of Election records showing a ballot in their name was mailed in.

A resident of Passaic County, Ramona Javier made the same complaint.

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“We did not receive vote by mail ballots and thus we did not vote,” she stated in Spanish. When she was presented with an official list of some of the people who voted in her neighborhood – where her name was also on that list —, Javier stated ”This is corruption. This is fraud.”

According to Javier, there are eight relatives and immediate neighbors she knows that were listed as having voted but who sustain that they never received ballots. One of Javier’s relatives says she had been in Florida for weeks.

The local councilman, Luis Velez, acknowledged that a dozen of similar cases have taken place in his ward.

“Where is the democracy in this? Where is the fair process?” Velez stated.

Corruption continues to be a major issue regarding vote-by-mail election taking place across Paterson, New Jersey — the third largest city in the state.

NBC New York highlighted some questionable video footage that surfaced of voters carrying multiple ballots:

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