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COVID-19 Anxiety Turns to COVID-19 Rage as We Figure Out Everything the Experts Got Wrong

By Stacey Lennox

COVID-19 may go down as history’s most devastating example of expert arrogance and media malfeasance. When the history of the pandemic is written, both of these items need to be highlighted. It should also shake our faith in trusting our future to the expert class. And this is exactly the class former President Barack Obama assured us will be running the country in a Joe Biden presidency.

Bad Models Lead to Bad Decisions

Economies across the world were shut down based on a model that was blatant panic porn built on shoddy code. Even more maddening is the fact expert Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College had a history of getting almost every prediction he ever made completely wrong.

You would think with such a doomsday scenario, a responsible media would have checked the professor’s credentials. The only commentator I heard point this out was Steven Crowder. Yet our health experts based all their advice to President Trump on this man’s work.

The Pandemic Arrives

As the pandemic was moving toward U.S. shores, we had limited information on COVID-19 other than it was a strain of coronavirus with a high degree of similarity to the one that caused SARS. China was hiding information and Italy was drowning in cases and a collapsing healthcare system.

Doctors were told to be prepared to treat a huge number of severe viral pneumonia cases. The president invoked the Defense Production Act to produce ventilators and distributed the ones in our strategic stores. To make sure the country was taking appropriate steps to care for those who fell ill, do you think one of our national experts might have reviewed the history of the SARS pandemic?

It doesn’t appear so. After the first cases appeared in New York, doctors took to YouTube and Facebook to alert each other that their patients were not typical viral pneumonia cases at all. Some even wondered if ventilators were hurting their critically ill charges.


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