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‘KARMA’S A MOTHER’: Rapper Killer Mike Unloads On CNN For ‘Feeding Fear And Anger Every Day’

By  Daily Wire News

Rapper Killer Mike unloaded on CNN during a press conference on Friday night where he was speaking to the community in Atlanta in an attempt to calm riots that were going on, saying that CNN needs to “stop feeding fear and anger every day.”

Killer Mike’s comments come as a fourth night of riots hits some of the larger cities in the U.S., which started earlier this week in response to the death of George Floyd.

“I love CNN, I love Cartoon Network,” Killer Mike said. “But, I’d like to say to CNN right now, karma’s a mother, stop feeding fear and anger every day. Stop making people feel so fearful. Give them hope.”

“I’m glad they only took down a sign and defaced a building, and they’re not killing human beings like that policeman did,” Killer Mike continued. “I’m glad they only destroyed some brick and mortar and they didn’t rip a father from a son. They didn’t rip a son from a mother, like the policeman did.”


“After it burns, will we be left with char or will we rise like the phoenix out of the ashes like Atlanta has always done?” Killer Mike continued. “Will we use this as a moment to say that we will not do what other cities have done and, in fact, we will get better than we’ve been?”


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