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Cuban Freedom Fighter Warns: Open Your Eyes, America… This Is How It Begins

By Dr. Julio Antonio del Marmol

Open your eyes, America – the “Land of Opportunity” that immigrants like myself came to revere is on the cusp of sadly being lost to history. As thousands take to the streets in protest (a constitutionally protected right), I’m fearful that we have lost our way, protesting for all the wrong reasons – gravitating closer and closer toward a socialist and/or communist government.

No matter how many times director Michael Moore says it, Cuba is not a beacon of hope; it is not an economic success story. As a Cuban refugee, I can confidently deliberate Cuba’s post-revolutionary downfall and the horrid impacts of communism. I am a freedom fighter and not aligned with any political party.

I was born in a Cuba that was a beautiful democracy, run very similarly to what we have here in the United States. There were people on the right and the left, and they disputed political ideas; however, it was always done with mutual respect. In the late 1940s and early 1950s Cuba began to shift politically; it was taken hostage by an extreme left looking to destroy the good that Cuba stood for. Similar to what we are seeing in the U.S. with organizations such as antifa, this hate-filled ideology lived to agitate, defame and destroy. They would label you with vile and derogatory terms should you not conform – sound familiar?

I saw this poison first-hand, watching it corrupt an entire society in ways that nobody ever would have expected. You have to ask how this happened in a country where people are highly educated, society is functioning, and all established institutions protect the less capable, sick, and elderly. What happened? Like other great empires, they self-destructed.

It begins with a small group, like a tiny cancer cell – it spreads throughout the body, consuming all nutrients, destroying the immune system. I saw how they abused people using their own freedoms against them, all because you simply didn’t agree with the way they were thinking.


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