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Pro-lifers call on Conservative party to stop Trudeau’s billion-dollar global abortion agenda

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‘The silence by the pro-life members of the opposition is deafening.’

(LifeSiteNews) — Canada’s national pro-life lobby group is calling on the Conservative Party to live up to its policy declaration and oppose the Liberal government spending millions in tax dollars to fund abortion internationally.

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s global abortion funding agenda needs to be stopped. For five years the Official Opposition has failed to do so,” Jeff Gunnarson, Campaign Life Coalition president, told LifeSiteNews.

Gunnarson’s comment comes days after Liberal Minister of International Development Karina Gould made yet another announcement regarding the Liberals’ bankrolling of global access to abortion.

Gould said during a June 22 #SheDecidesNow Virtual Round Table that Canada is spending $93.7 million to support “sexual and reproductive health and rights” (SRHR), which she alleges are at risk in developing countries because of coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

The phrase “sexual and reproductive health and rights” is highly controversial because it implies a “right” to abortion as well as to contraception and “comprehensive sex education.” Abortion advocates have been pushing for years to include the phrase in international agreements, but it has never been agreed to by global consensus, as the Center for Family and Human Rights (C-FAM) recently reported.

According to Gould’s press secretary Guillaume Dumas, the $93.7 million is not new money but allocates some of the funds Trudeau pledged in 2017 and 2019, which increased the Liberals’ projected global funding of abortion and other “sexual and reproductive health and rights” to a staggering $7.1 billion by 2030.

In 2017, Trudeau promised that Canada would spend $650 million over three years to fund the promotion and provision of abortion as part of its international aid — including bankrolling campaigns to overturn national laws protecting the child in the womb.

In 2019, he announced at the Vancouver She Decides conference that Canada would spend $1.4 billion annually for 10 years beginning in 2023 to support “women and girls’ health around the world.” Half of this would fund “sexual and reproductive health rights,” his office stated at the time.

Moreover, Gould announced two weeks earlier that Canada was giving an additional $8.9 million to international abortion organizations, with $4.9 million going to Marie Stopes International, “a global organization that provides contraception and abortions in 37 countries,” Canadian Press reported at the time.

Marie Stopes International was expelled from Zambia in 2012 for committing illegal abortions. In 2018, Niger ordered the closure of two Marie Stopes clinics because they were committing abortions illegally.

In the face of the Liberals’ aggressive global abortion agenda, the Conservative caucus must speak out, particularly given that their party condemns the funding of abortion as part of international aid, emphasized Gunnarson.

“Abortion should be explicitly excluded from Canada’s maternal and child health program in countries where Canadian aid is delivered, since it is extremely divisive – and often illegal,” states the Conservative Party’s 2020 policy declaration on maternal health.


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