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More Than 1,000 Canadians March to US Embassy in Ottawa Chanting “We Love Trump” on Canada Day

By Joe Hoft

On Canada Day in Ottawa a group of Trump lovers marched on the US Embassy chanting “We love Trump”.

In an exclusive report at the Rair Foundation USA website, a group of Canadians showed their love for President Trump:

Today on Canada Day, over 1,500 Canadians gathered in Ottawa on Parliament Hill to express their love of country and opposition to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rule. The patriotic crowd waiving Canadian and Veteran flags marched from Parliament Hill to the U.S. Embassy. The crowd roared with chants of “Trudeau has got to go” and “I love Trump”.

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Of course Canadian media claimed the ‘protest’ was about the virus:

The crowd was estimated at around 1,500.

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