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Extremists Injure Nearly 2 Dozen Seattle Police, Attack Police Station, ‘Explosives’ Used

By  Ryan Saavedra

Violent extremists injured nearly two dozen Seattle Police Department officers on Sunday during an attack on the department’s East Precinct.

Rioters “emerged from the group and began spray painting and attempting to disable security cameras and a fence perimeter around the precinct,” the Seattle Police Department said in a statement. “At least one person breached the precinct’s fence line. Moments later, a device exploded leaving an 8-inch hole in the side of the precinct.”

“Due to the ongoing public safety risks and damaged associated with this incident march, SPD declared the incident a riot and began issuing orders to leave the area,” the department continued. “The crowd threw bottles and balloons filled with liquid and shot mortar fireworks and tossed explosives at officers.”

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