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Canadian pro-life politician booted from party for voting against ‘totalitarian’ COVID-19 bill

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‘The removal of MPP Karahalios is a warning sign that the Ford government has an antagonistic stance toward democratic restraint on its power.’

(LifeSiteNews) ― A social conservative Member of Provincial Parliament was dismissed from her party after voting against the Ontario government’s COVID-19 recovery bill.

Belinda Karahalios, 38, formerly the Progressive Conservative (PC) and now the Independent MPP for Cambridge, Ontario, voted against Bill 195 on July 21. Karahalios is the wife of Jim Karahalios, the lawyer who was twice disqualified by the PCs as a leadership candidate.

Bill 195, which passed into law on July 21, is also called “An Act to enact the Reopening Ontario (A Flexible Response to COVID-19) Act, 2020.” Although it ends Ontario’s state of emergency, the new law also represents a continuation of some emergency orders for Ontario during the coronavirus outbreak. Most controversially, it allows the Premier of Ontario to extend or change the emergency orders for a month at a time, for up to a year, without consulting the Legislature.

Belinda Karahalios told Canadian interviewer Andrew Lawton that she didn’t mind the flexibility the bill demanded but objected to the absence of a vote on the extension or amendment of emergency orders. Being a member of the party in government made no difference to her commitment to the democratic process.

“You cannot trust any one government,” she told Lawton in an interview published yesterday. “New Democrat, Liberal, Conservative: you still need some type of discourse and debate.”


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