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America’s Founders — And Our Lockdown

by Jack Kerwick

How would they respond today?

For as long as anyone reading this has been alive, the Constitutional liberties that America’s Founders and Framers bequeathed to their posterity (i.e. you and me) have been continuously eroded.

But the events of 2020, the Internment of America and the rampant lawlessness and criminality in the streets, have expedited this erosive trend with lightning speed.

Recently, upon completing a training session with Art Reynolds, an instructor of the combat art of Warrior Flow, I conversed a bit with Art and some other students about current events. While doing so, we speculated among ourselves as to how America’s Founding Fathers—you know, the men who waged a war to secede from the most powerful empire in the world at that time and declare their independence as a sovereign, liberty-loving people—would respond had they been in our shoes today.

What would the Founders do?

That the Constitutional Republic that the Founders forged through the shedding of blood, both their own and that of those whom they regarded as their oppressors, is under incessant attack is a proposition to which no remotely honest conservative or libertarian can even think to take exception. The very existence of the so-called “alternative media,” i.e. conservative and libertarian media, depends almost exclusively upon account after horrifying account of largely left-wing violations of cherished American rights, duties, and prerogatives.

And most of these same conservative and libertarian commentators seem to agree that the Constitution’s enemies have upped their game in 2020:

The reduction of the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave to, essentially, an internment camp; the naked, unabashed power-grabbing of fiercely partisan, shamelessly dishonest governors and mayors at the cost of systematic violations of the Constitution; the mass creation and dissemination of lies and propaganda by self-proclaimed “journalists” for the sake of aiding and abetting their fellow ideologues in Congress and our intelligence agencies in their quest to achieve a coup of a duly elected president; the overt violence of anti-American radicals who have not only been permitted to run amok in the streets of numerous cities, but whose violence against innocents has been actively encouraged by Democrat politicians and their collaborators in the Fake News industry; the growing chorus to abolish police departments nationwide; and the persecution and prosecution of law-abiding citizens who dared to defend themselves against the predations of criminals—all of these outrages have been visited upon the American people, and visited by design.

What would the Founders do?

This is the question. Americans, particularly conservatives and libertarians, routinely express both appreciation and reverence for the country’s Founding generation. Yet to truly honor and conserve their legacy—the Constitutional Republic that they created—it is imperative that, regarding the specific challenges that it confronts, every generation ask itself this.

To get an idea as to how the Founders themselves may reply to this question, we need only turn to what they themselves said on the eve of and during their war with England.


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