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Government Was Once About Protecting Life and Property

by Don Feder

Until the Modern Democrat Party Came Along

Who ya gonna call when your house is on fire – Trump or Biden?

Democrats won’t let the police protect you. Democrats won’t let you protect yourself. Democrats are encouraging the wave of crime and anarchist violence that’s sweeping our cities. So, who ya gonna call when your house is on fire– Trump or Biden? C’mon, man, that’s a rhetorical question.

Thanks to mis-named progressives, government has failed at its essential function – public safety.

At the dawn of history, there were peaceful agricultural communities and barbarians on horseback. The barbarians didn’t sow. They reaped with the sword – much like gangbangers, career criminals and politicians.

The farmers and herdsmen banded together into cities, which they enclosed with walls. Some of them carried spears to defend those walls and keep the barbarians from carrying off their women, crops and sheep.

Hence government.

It worked pretty well, until the post-McGovern Democratic Party came along. “We don’t need walls? What a waste — and, besides, they’re racist. Common sense spear control, that’s the ticket. Health care will keep the barbarians happy.”

The welfare state has succeeded at pushing people around, arresting them for not wearing masks and maintaining social-distancing, plundering our property, destroying businesses, and promoting barbarism at home and abroad.

Again, it’s failed miserably at the one essential function of government – keeping us safe. That’s why, increasingly, people are exercising their Second Amendment rights.

There were 2 million new gun owners in the first half of 2020. Firearms sales have soared. In April and May, there was a 71.3% increase and an 80.2% increase in total gun sales over the same period last year. Democrats have given us plenty of reasons to head to gun stores for some semi-automatic reassurance.

In 36 of the 50 largest cities in the United States, homicides are up 24% since the beginning of the year. Altogether, there were 3,612 homicides our urban jungles – led by Chicago (433), Philadelphia (243), New York (212), Houston (178) and Los Angeles (157) – all Democrat strongholds. Except for Houston, all are in blue states.


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