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Here Are 5 Crucial Reasons Why Kamala Harris Can’t Be Trusted With Your Civil Rights

By Victoria Taft

Vice President Joe Biden’s choice for his veep, Kamala Harris, is a well-known entity, a transactional politician who exploits the latest headlines to further her career the way a selfish opportunist would photobomb the bride’s selfie.

When Minneapolis was burning, Harris tweeted support for an organization raising bail money for Minnesota rioters and looters.

Under what circumstances is it acceptable for a senator, much less a former state attorney general, to shill for lawless thugs destroying others’ property – the police precinct for example – to get bail?

For sleeping with married San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown – an affair to which Brown admits – Harris was awarded a series of jobs, the next one better than the last – and a 7-series BMW to tool around on the winding streets of Baghdad by the Bay. He later helped her become the district attorney to launch her political career.

As a sitting senator, Harris was the first one out of the gate to sidle up to Jussie Smollett and come to his defense for his fake hate crime. Jussie is a talented entertainer, Kamala, but there’s a reason he has to read other peoples‘ words on TV in order to sound sane. Sure, of course, there were two white,” This is MAGA country!” nutters out on a freezing Chicago morning at 2:30 a.m. waiting for him to come out of a sandwich shop.

Was she even listening to his words? The politics trumped sound reason and logic.

And that’s just a small example of her transactional nature and why she’ll sell out common sense and reason if they get in the way of her getting to that microphone. Like a running back who exploits a small hole between two linebackers, Harris always moves toward the klieg lights and the politically expedient. Her transactional nature and her own very questionable history with the law as California attorney general is why she can’t be trusted with your rights. That’s because she’s chucked other peoples’ civil rights and traded them in for a lectern, a microphone, and political power.

Here are just five examples of how Kamala Harris throws her legal weight around. They should tell you all you need to know about the would-be vice president’s autocratic proclivities and why you should run like hell in the opposite direction.


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