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Black Lives Matter Goons with Long Guns Stop and Surround Sheriff’s Vehicle

By Jim Hoft

Then Moments Later SHOTS FIRED at Officers!

Wisconsin rioters were confronting officers with rifles while blocking their vehicle, taunting them, and challenging them to fire tear gas on Sunday night.

TGP’s Cassandra Fairbanks reported this earlier this morning.

The mob taunted the officers calling them “cowards” as they sat stopped in their vehicle.

Officers threw what appeared to be either tear gas or smoke grenades from the vehicle to disperse the militant leftists. At least two of “protesters” were carrying rifles.

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Then just moments later the protest mob fired on the sheriff’s vehicle!

Several shots are heard in this video from the scene.

Via Tim Pool — shots are fired at 1 minute 40 seconds after the sheriff’s deputies hurl gas cannisters at the mob.

When the sheriff’s vehicle drives away the crowd yells, “F**king p*ssies!”

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