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Capricious, Pseudo-Scientific Shutdown Rules’

Not About Controlling Coronavirus — ‘They Are About Controlling You’

During his opening monologue for Fox News Channel’s “The Next Revolution,” host Steve Hilton alleged the COVID-19 response proposed by Democrats was steeped in politics, given the timing of being in the throes of a presidential campaign.

Hilton refuted complaints about Trump’s coronavirus efforts from Democrats and blasted the Democrat solutions as “capricious, pseudo-scientific shutdown rules,” adding that they were not about “controlling the virus.” Instead, he said they were “about controlling you.”

Transcript as follows:

HILTON: All right, the election is less than eight weeks away and it’s now obvious how the Democrats and their media stooges are going to play it, nonstop personal smears, gossip, rumor, and bombshells that turn out to be duds. Endless obsession with what Trump says instead of what he does.

This is ridiculous. This is not serious. This is no way to decide who leads the most powerful nation on Earth. So here on this show, we will be different. We will focus on substance, not scandal on policy that actually affects your life.

The election is a choice not just between two people, but between two visions of America and two policy agendas. So every Sunday between now and November 3, we will set out the choice on a different aspect of what’s at stake.

We’ll start with the issue that has dominated everything this year: coronavirus.

Here’s the choice based on the facts. As we all know, the virus started in China initially denied and covered up before Xi Jinping let the virus spread around the world even as his regime shut down travel within China.

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