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DOJ Adds US National Security Attorney to General Michael Flynn’s Case For Yet Unknown Reasons

By Joe Hoft

The grotesque abuse of power and destruction of the Justice Department, the FBI and the Courts continues as General Michael Flynn remains in Deep State shackles. 

The persecution of General Michael Flynn continues.  The General knew too much and had to be set up and indicted.  The Obama gang just cannot let him go.

Sara Carter reported the following on September 4th regarding the Flynn case and the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case:

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The litany of evidence collected during the investigations led the Justice Department to request a dismissal Flynn’s case. Unfortunately, the request to dismiss the case was politicized by Judge Sullivan, who is overseeing Flynn’s case. He has been fighting the request and accusing Barr of intervening on behalf of Trump. Because of this, Sullivan appointed an amicus curiae, a friend of the court, to argue on his behalf as to why the case should not be dismissed until he reviews it further.

[Flynn’s attorney Sidney] Powell fought back against Sullivan’s unusual actions but could not persuade the appellate court last week to order Sullivan to dismiss the case against Flynn based on the Justice Department’s motion to have his case dismissed.

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