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Small-Town Wisconsin Loves Trump, And It’s Obvious Why

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Unlike pontificating career politicians pandering to the radical left, Trump doesn’t talk at his supporters. He talks to them.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much excitement in my entire life. Thousands of people cattle-chuted their way through the endless maze of rent-a-fence. Men and women, young and old, sporting all manner of Americana attire and MAGA paraphernalia, lined up in the heart of the 2020 battleground to show their love for the greatest country on Earth and catch a glimpse of their president, Donald Trump.

For many of these Trump rally attendees, flyover folks from the rural Midwest, this was the first time they’d ever seen the president — any president. For hours, many waited in line outside the security checkpoint, then for several more hours, they stood in the corral outside the Central Wisconsin Aviation hangar, where the leader of the free world would eventually speak.

Why Mosinee?

Trump hosting a “Great American Comeback” event in this small paper-mill town of only 4,000 people was no accident. He held a rally in the same town in 2018. Political winds have shifted in Marathon County, where Mosinee is situated, over the past decade. The county, which went for Barack Obama in 2008 with 54 percent of the vote to John McCain’s 45 percent, flipped red just four years later. Then in 2016, Trump won with a handsome 56 percent of the vote to Hillary Clinton’s 38 percent.

Mosinee also witnessed recent congressional upsets, such as former Republican Rep. Sean Duffy succeeding longtime incumbent Democratic Rep. Dave Obey in 2010 as the first Republican to be elected to the 7th Congressional District in more than 40 years. That GOP enthusiasm radiated Thursday.

“I’m excited to vote for President Trump. I’m excited that he’s coming to central Wisconsin,” Scott Soik, who is running for state assembly in Wisconsin’s 71st Congressional District, told The Federalist. “We work hard here in central Wisconsin. We understand what it means to go out and work hard every day, and that’s what this president represents.”

“We’re all excited,” Soik added. “I mean, look at the crowd here!”

Once in a Lifetime

As Secret Service and presidential aides scurried around on the tarmac and finished arranging equipment for the president’s arrival, curious attendees analyzed their every move, speculating about where exactly Trump might be at this moment, and what that officer might be doing with that bag, and did you know the doors of the presidential state car really are six inches thick? The sleek black vehicle parked in position near the fence and people gathered instantly, phones in hand, just to take pictures of the empty car.

“Hey, that’s the president’s car,” I heard a father eagerly tell his young son.


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