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66 Percent of Spanish-Speaking Viewers Believe Trump Defeated Biden in Presidential Debate


This is a shocking result.

Democrat operatives must be panicking in the fallout of the first presidential debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, considering the initial response from the Hispanic community.

In Telemundo’s poll of Spanish-speaking individuals, a shocking 66 percent of them believed that Trump defeated Biden in the debate.

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Trump’s popularity among Hispanics has skyrocketed as the Black Lives Matter terror spree has devastated communities across the country. Democrats have either cheered on the orgy of destruction or looked the other way as countless lives have been destroyed nationwide by left-wing terror.

Big League Politics has reported on how Trump’s numbers with Hispanics have soared in recent months:

A shocking new poll shows President Donald Trump with 28 percent support from blacks and 41 percent from Hispanics, indicating that his outreach plans to minorities may be succeeding.

The poll, conducted by Atlas Intel over the period of Aug. 24 to 30, also shows President Trump with a four-point lead over Biden among white voters. He still trails Biden by three points in the overall polling numbers at the present time though…

President Trump has noted that these national polling results may be skewed because of the well-documented phenomenon of Trump supporters being unwilling to declare their support publicly due to fear of repercussions in the age of widespread leftist terror.

The polling numbers have Trump up 20 points among black voters and up 13 points among Hispanic voters in comparison to 2016. The numbers also show Biden down a shocking 23 points among black voters and down 10 points with Hispanics compared to the totals from 2016, as the deteriorating Democrat gives minorities little to be excited about…

Other polls show President Trump making big league headway in battleground states that are likely to decide this year’s election…

The momentum is clearly on the side of President Trump, which is why Democrats are freaking out as they feel their chances to regain control of the country slip away.

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