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By Jim Hoft

Anonymous Intel Officials Say Giuliani Was Target of Russian Influence Campaign — Same Deep State Hacks Ignored Hunter Biden’s Millions from Moscow

Here we go with more Deep State BS.
You really cannot trust the fake news media with anything outside of the weather anymore.

According to Fake News Washington Post four anonymous “former intelligence officials” say President Trump was warned that Rudy Giuliani was a target of a Russia influence campaign.

The Washington Post just happened to drop this nonsense in the same week that Hunter Biden emails were released that show he was working with his dad and Ukrainian leaders in a massive pay-for-play scheme.

And this comes just two weeks after the Senate Finance and Homeland Security Committee released evidence that the former Mayor of Moscow’s wife gave Hunter Biden $3.5 million.

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And this also comes just two weeks after evidence was provided by Senate investigators that linked Hunter Biden to a Russian prostitution ring.


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