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Polish Leader: EU Won’t ‘Blackmail’ Poland Into Giving Up Values, Surrendering Sovereignty

by Jack Montgomery

The leader of Poland’s governing Law and Justice (PiS) party has vowed the country will not be “blackmailed” into giving up its “identity” or “freedom” by the European Union.

Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Kaczyński, regarded by many as the power behind the proverbial throne in Poland, as he still heads the party from which Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and President Andrzej Duda are drawn, was responding to attempts by the EU institutions and the bloc’s dominant, left-liberal governments in countries such as Germany to force Poland to give way on its conservative policies.

PiS is refusing to submit to the compulsory migrant redistribution quotas the EU has attempted to impose on member-states to deal with the fallout from Germany’s unilateral decision to effectively open the bloc’s borders in 2015 — which PiS opposed from the get-go — and is also attempting to reform what it sees as an activist and nepotistic judiciary shaped by the former Communist regime.

The EU regards the former as a defiance of its supranational authority, and the latter as an attack on the so-called “rule of law” — although it was less vocal about the former, europhile-globalist Civic Platform (PO) government attempting to pack Poland’s top court in its final days in office.

Consequently, there has been a push by the EU institutions and Western European governments to link EU funding to compliance on the so-called rule of law, with the European Parliament’s Vice President Katarina Barley, of Germany, suggesting that Poland and like-minded Hungary should be “starved financially” in order to force them to submit.

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