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Thousands of Trump Supporters Join Rolling Rally Across Long Island

Katherine Rodriguezby Katherine Rodriguez

Thousands of supporters of President Donald Trump joined a rolling rally across Long Island on Sunday to mobilize support for the president’s re-election.

The rolling rally — which included a parade of cars sporting Trump campaign flags and American flags — began at the Long Island Railroad station in Seaford and cruised for 80 miles east down Sunrise Highway to Montauk, Newsday reported.

“We do this with class, we do this with pride because we’re proud of the country,” said organizer Shawn Farash, 29, a salesperson and podcaster from West Babylon. “We’re proud of the president. We’re proud of what the country stands for.”

Sunday’s event, called “MAGA-gras,” is the sixth pro-Trump event Farash has put together in several weeks.

Other events included a pro-Trump caravan from Long Island to Trump Tower in Manhattan on October 4, while Trump was battling the coronavirus.

Sunday’s rally, like many other rallies Farash has held, also collected canned goods and other nonperishable food for the needy.

There have been similar Trump parades happening across the country in support of the president as the election draws closer.

Last week, hundreds of Trump supporters gathered for a pro-Trump parade in Ohio, a pro-Trump boat parade in San Francisco Bay, and thousands of Trump supporters gathered for a two-state parade between Texas and Oklahoma.

Hundreds of Trump supporters also gathered for car parades in Indiana and Tennessee on Saturday.

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