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Barr & Durham: From supposed bulldogs to Deep State lapdogs

Brent SmithBy Brent Smith     Exclusive: Brent Smith notes his prediction about 30-year ‘system’ lawyers was dead-on

Are William Barr and John “Bull” Durham just running out the clock on their Russia hoax investigation? Have they been counting on, for whatever reason, Trump losing his reelection bid? Did the president ever really have anyone to fight for him?

Unless President Trump wins his challenges, it’s looking as if there will not be the “justice” we were assured was right around the corner.

And worse, it’s looking to me that there never was going to be any indictments, no jail time, no one held accountable for one of the greatest crimes perpetrated against a sitting president in American history.

There’s only two possible reasons for this, and neither is that they simply didn’t have enough time to make their case.

As I see it, Barr and Durham are themselves just a couple swamp rats, or one or other or both are not the tough-guy fighters they were billed as – that are in fact utterly spineless, lacking the courage to stand up against the Deep State swamp.

William Barr was confirmed as attorney general on Feb. 14, 2019 – going on two years ago. He was treated as the second coming of Elliot Ness. He would be the one who would finally cut through the bureaucratic red-tape and obstacles and get to the bottom of the Russia collusion hoax. He would bring to account all those shady operators who tried and failed to bring down the president.

Barr was tough – no nonsense, we were told. He wouldn’t cow to the left or wither under the pressure of their constant badgering and inept questioning. And then, in May of 2019, he enlisted U.S. Attorney John Durham to examine the origins of the Russia investigation.


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