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Liberals are Dangerous – Ed Burlew Fights On

Liberals and Progressive Socialists Are Ruining EVERYTHING

We talked briefly yesterday about how Minneapolis’ crime problems have soared since Ilhan Omar and the twin cities lefties started their ‘abolish the police’ effort.

And still-my friends- you’ve got all sorts of Biden supporters and democrats that are lying about how some of them want to abolish our police departments.

They are trying to reinvent history and continue to cover up the fact that-to this day-their socialist progressive activists want to-abolish-

Not defund-

Abolish- our police departments. Just like the want to abolish ice.

Ilhan Omar has said it repeatedly- and recently: the Minneapolis police department is a cancer that needs to be cut out completely. Abolished. Only then, can a lovely, community wide kumbaya moment occur…

Why Liberals are Dangerous

The Left (liberal mainstream media) practically had a ticker tape parade for Ohio Gov. John Kasich for answers he gave on two issues during the GOP debate. Liberals’ praise of Kasich shows they have chosen emotion over logical, reasoned thinking. This makes liberals irresponsible and dangerous. These people must never be in charge.

The Left praised Kasich for his entitlement program that is $1.4 billion in the red, thus far — in only 18 months. Kasich defended his program saying it was the Christian thing to do.

11 Trillion Reasons To Fear Joe Biden’s Presidency

By my calculation, there are at the very least 11 trillion reasons to worry about Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden. He’s the odds-on favorite to beat incumbent Donald Trump on November 3. Not only is the former vice president likely to win, but FiveThirtyEight predicts Democrats have a 74-in-100 chance of taking the Senate while holding the House of Representatives, meaning that he will have a great opportunity to deliver on all of his campaign promises, which add up to a mind-blowing total of $11 trillion in new federal spending over the coming decade. His “platform is more liberal than that of every past Democratic nominee,” writes The Washington Post.

Hipwell Lawyer Files 2,358 Pages of Evidence for Federal Court Fight — The lawyer for John Hipwell, the founder of Wolverine Supplies Ltd., filed 2,358 pages of evidence today for their Federal Court fight to stop the Liberal Party of Canada’s attacks against hunters, farmers and sport shooters.

“This is a historic moment: the evidence serving,” Edward Burlew told in an exclusive interview as he pulled a briefcase with the files to the Department of Justice mailroom in downtown Toronto. “I’m ready to go to hearing.”

Saskatchewan selects new provincial chief firearms officer

The province has selected Robert Freberg to be Saskatchewan’s next chief firearms officer.

After an exhaustive and competitive process, the province said Freberg was best suited for the position to represent Saskatchewan’s firearms community.

Freberg has lots of experience.

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