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More Suspicious Elections Absentee Data from Detroit

By Ben Wetmore

36% of Absentee Ballots Returned Were From People Who Were Not Listed as Being Sent an Absentee Ballot

400% More Detroiters Missing Data on When they Requested their Absentee Ballots than Normal

An anomaly in the election data could be an indication of massive absentee voter fraud in Detroit, and accounts for more votes than the difference between Trump and Biden in Michigan.

The rate of missing data for when an absentee ballot was sent to a voter is four times greater in heavily Democrat Detroit/Wayne County than in the rest of the state.

Of the 566,788 absentee ballots cast in Wayne County, the absentee data file provided by the Michigan Secretary of State indicates that 203,311 ballots show that no application for an absentee ballot was mailed or sent to that voter by their local clerk, which is a rate of roughly 36%.

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