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“Make Them Pay!” – Michigan Democrat Cynthia Johnson Issues Threat – Calls Out ‘Soldiers’ to Take Care of Trumpers

By Jim Hoft

Rep. Cynthia A. Johnson made a complete ass of herself last week when she attacked and ridiculed Michigan whistleblowers who stepped forward to testify on the fraud they witnessed at the TCF Center in Detroit this election.

As was reported earlier by Patty McMurray, Democrat State Rep. Cynthia Johnson had the opportunity to ask witness “Hima” a question about her very credible testimony, she used her time to call her and the witness sitting next to her “liars.”

‘Do you have a point of order?” Chairman Hall asked Rep. Johnson? She responded by demanding that Hima and Andrew Sitto (sitting next to her) be placed under oath.

“May I say something please?” Hima asked. Chairman Hall agreed to let her respond to the vile accusation by the Democrat lawmaker from Detroit. “If that is something you want me to do, I will do it. Can I just say one thing though? If it is a lie, it may change, because a liar has to have a lot of memory power. If it is truth, you can ask me in the middle of the night and it will still be the same thing,” she said looking directly at the horrible lawmaker. The room erupted in cheers!


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