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Chinese Troops In Canada – Covid Millions Give Away

Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army to train troops in Canada, according to top secret documents published by Canadian conservative news site which claims ‘they were sending spies not just soldiers to train’

‘Top secret’ government documents have revealed that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invited China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops to Ontario for cold weather training and was unhappy when it was canceled, according to two Canadian media outlets.

The Canadian government’s bombshell secret 34-page file was obtained by Rebel News and The Globe and Mail.

The two outlets published excerpts from the files Wednesday, revealing that members of the PLA were scheduled to attend a military exercise at a base in Ontario in 2019.

According to the memos, the training was then canceled by Chief of Defense Staff Jonathan Vance due to concerns that China could use the trip to obtain information from Canada.


For many years, rumors have circulated about the alleged “massing” of Chinese troops, armor, and artillery in places like Mexico and Canada, being staged for a physical invasion of the United States. Most folks – even me – laughed these rumors off. I’m not laughing now . . .

Below is video from Salt Spring Island, near Vancouver, British Columbia, CANADA. It shows uniformed Chinese military on a back road.

PM Trudeau commits $850 million to global fight against COVID-19

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says that Canada is contributing $850 million to the global fight against COVID-19, a commitment he made Monday morning during a virtual global summit focused on raising funds for research and development of vaccines and treatments for the deadly respiratory virus.

He called the funding “a beginning,” and vowed “more to come” as the international community collaborates on tackling the novel coronavirus that’s rapidly spread across the world.

“In the fight against COVID-19, our first focus will always be here at home, but this is a global challenge. To keep Canadians safe and restart our economy, we need to defeat this virus not just within our borders, but wherever it is found. That’s how we’ll beat COVID-19 for good,” Trudeau said, speaking about this pledge during his address to Canadians outside Rideau Cottage.

Trudeau pledges extra $400 million in humanitarian aid to fight COVID-19

The new money will go to “to trusted partners on the ground fighting COVID-19,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a video conference at the United Nations that he co-hosted with Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

“From ensuring equitable access to vaccines, to providing more time for distressed countries to make bilateral debt payments, including Caribbean and small island states, we’re working on concrete options that will help build a more resilient world,” Trudeau said.

Quebec company with no factory snags $133M contract to make PPE

A company in Quebec has been awarded $133,486,868 in sole-sourced federal orders to manufacture PPE even though it didn’t have a factory in Canada.
AMD Medicom Inc. was given the ten-year contract and some MPs are now demanding to see the terms of the contract, according to a report by Blacklock’s Reporter on Tuesday.
“As small and medium-sized businesses we want to know, does everybody have the same opportunity to produce personal protective equipment and sell it, or is the federal government picking winners and losers” Jocelyn Bamford, president of the Coalition of Concerned Manufacturers and Businesses of Canada, earlier told the Commons government operations committee.
Records show Cabinet signed its initial agreement with AMD Medicom on March 20.


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