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Hunter Biden Maintained a Diary on His Laptop and It’s Full of Just Horrible Stuff

By Joe Hoft

Hunter Biden kept a diary on his laptop and it’s bad.  If America knew the real Biden family they would never be allowed in the White House, ever.

When Hunter Biden is himself, he is an animal.  He is a drug addict who isn’t curtailed by money or the law, like most all drug addicts are.  He has lots of  money from corrupt deals with some of the most violent people on earth and he is immune from the law due to being the son of Joe Biden.  Hunter is one of the sickest people on this planet.  We can say this because we have had a glimpse at the contents of his laptop.

According to Yaacov Apelbaum at The Illustrated Primer:

In intelligence analysis, a diary ranks supreme to most personal communications. It’s one of the best sources for primary material. A diary—in contrast to letters, emails, IMs, or phone calls, which always go through some form of refinements, filtering, and self-censorship—captures a person’s raw inner thoughts and feelings. Hunter wrote various such notes and recorded voice memos on a variety of topics and these are helpful in reconstructing his psychological profile and shedding some a light on Biden family dynamics. The topics he discussed range from his relationships with and opinions of his family (including his father, uncle, aunt, cousins, step mother, etc.), to sex, drugs, and money.

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