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Follow The Science – Fedup With Lockdowns

Are Democrats the Party of Science? Not Really.

Almost two years ago, on a chilly February afternoon in Washington, D.C., Republican Senator James Inhofe of Oklahoma took to the floor of the United States Senate, skeptically muttered a few things about rising global temperatures, then threw a snowball. His point, if you can call it that, was that since frozen water vapor still exists in nature (in winter no less), climate change must not really be happening. Or something.

Combined with decades of anti-intellectual posturing and pernicious legislative attempts to hobble science education in America, outrageous displays like this, whether born out of willful ignorance or duplicitous political maneuvering, have rightly earned the GOP the title of anti-science party.

Canada begins vaccinating inmates in federal prisons with no active coronavirus cases

The first 40 federal inmates to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus in Canada were given their inoculations inside facilities without any active cases, Global News has learned.

That’s despite a number of prisons seeing outbreaks that have led to conditions that advocates call inhumane, while others also wonder why correctional officers aren’t being prioritized.

The Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) began its vaccination pilot program for prisons Friday, with four federal institutions set to administer a combined 1,200 doses of Moderna’s vaccine in the coming days — enough to eventually inoculate 600 inmates.

Canadian Cop Threatens to Tase Hockey Player … ‘Get on the F***ing Ground!!!’

Cops in Canada descended on an ice skating rink, arrested a player and threatened to tase him … and it was all captured on video.

Calgary cops claimed the game defied the law limiting outdoor team sports to 10 participants, with 2 meters separating them. There were 40 people at the game … thus the violation.

Two of the officers approached one of the players, who ignored their orders to get on the ground. One of the cops knees the player, but he stays upright.

Why lockdowns alone won’t save us from the pandemic

Lockdowns can control outbreaks of COVID-19, but only as long as public tolerates them

The prospect of locking society down again the way we did in the first wave of COVID-19 — and the collateral damage that comes with it — is daunting.

The financial devastation on businesses forced to close and lay off employees, the increase in mental health issues, the halting of elective medical procedures and the continuing risks to essential workers on the front lines all factor in.

Keeping society functioning and supporting devastated sectors of the economy while limiting the spread of the coronavirus is key to navigating the pandemic until a safe and effective vaccine is here.

But experts acknowledge there is growing resistance to some of the restrictions that highlights a need to manage the public mood as the pandemic rages on.

You arguably could not find a more politically charged term right now than “lockdown,” since everyone has a different, personal idea of what it is.

Martial law in Canada: Raw footage from Quebec’s new COVID curfew

Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, has introduced a COVID-19 curfew to help reduce the province’s rising case numbers. It went into effect this past Saturday Jan 8th. Measures include an provincewide curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m. with exemptions for essential workers.

All “non-essential” workplaces and businesses including restaurants and gyms will be closed. The fine for breaking curfew will be $1,000 to $6,000. If you or anyone you know are issued one of these fines please head over to and we will fight your fine.

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