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Thousands of National Guard Troops Will Remain on Duty in Capital After Inauguration

Kristina Wongby Kristina Wong

The National Guard said Thursday it is working to return some of the troops who came to Washington, D.C., to protect the inauguration, but that thousands will remain on duty.

In a press release, the Guard said 10,600 will remain on duty for the time being to continue the mission of assisting federal law enforcement authorities in protecting the Capitol.

“The National Guard Bureau is assisting states with coordination and the logistics of returning troops safely to their homes. With almost 26,000 troops providing support from 50 states, three territories and the District of Columbia, approximately 10,600 remain on duty at this time,” the press release said.

A National Guard spokesman explained that approximately 15,000 are packing and getting ready to go home, which will take about a week.


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