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Tories tried to get tough on gun crime — the Grits and NDP blocked

Remember last May when the Trudeau Liberals used the Nova Scotia mass killing as an excuse to ban 1,500 models of “military-style” rifles and shotguns owned by law-abiding Canadians? (That number has since crept up to 9,500 models and perhaps 400,000 individual guns.)

The justification given for this largest firearms confiscation in Canadian history was public safety.

Somehow taking long guns away from hunters, farmers and skeet shooters was going to encourage drug dealers and gang members to stop using handguns to kill one another.

“Every single Canadian wants to see less gun violence and safer communities. So today, we take another big step forward,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said when he announced the ban.

“Enough is enough,” added Public Safety Minister Bill Blair. “Banning these firearms will save Canadian lives.”

So explain this to me: If the Liberals are so intent on reducing gun crime, how come they and the NDP banded together on Wednesday to defeat a Conservative MP’s private member’s bill that would have increased penalties for people who smuggle illegal guns into Canada?

As Markham-Unionville (Ontario) MP Bob Saroya, the sponsor of Bill C-238, pointed out, at least 80% of guns used in Canadian crimes were smuggled in from the States.

Saroya sought to increase the minimum sentences for gun smuggling and for being in possession of a smuggled gun from one year to three years. (Five years on a second conviction.)

He also wanted to make it harder for suspects accused of gun-running to get bail.

But the Liberals and their NDP lapdogs said “no,” by a margin of 169-149.

When asked why, Arif Virani, the Toronto Liberal MP who serves as parliamentary secretary to the Justice minister, argued “the government has already taken concrete steps to curb firearms violence, including the May 1, 2020, prohibition on military-style assault rifles.”

That’s enough. Problem solved. The Liberals didn’t feel they needed to do anymore.

And the New Dems seem to agree.

But in fact, the Trudeau government’s actions to curb gun violence are entirely hollow.

They are nothing more than virtue-signalling that will in no way reduce gun violence.


Consider that two-thirds of the guns used in violent crimes in Canada are handguns.

The May 1 ban doesn’t include handguns.

Saroya’s bill would have made them front-and-centre.

If your purpose was truly to stop gun crime, which course would you choose — Trudeau’s or Saroya’s?

If your purpose is mostly to win votes among urban “progressives” who are ignorant about firearms and think all guns are scary, you might well choose Trudeau’s approach.

Serious people would choose Saroya’s.

Want another example of how symbolic the Liberals’ approach is?

Among Trudeau’s lengthy list of banned guns is the JTF2 commemorative rifle.

Back in 2017, to mark the 25th anniversary of Canada’s elite special ops unit, Joint Task Force 2, all present and past members were awarded badges and offered special, customized models of a semi-automatic rifle.

Now that rifle has been declared illegal.

Really!? We trust these “operators” with our nation’s most difficult missions.

They have to pass psychological testing every bit as rigorous as their physical testing.

They put their lives on the line for all of us and are no threat to commit crimes.

But the Trudeau government is so determined to strip away as many privately owned guns as possible, it is confiscating the JTF2 rifle.

Fewer than 100 were ever produced.

No one other than veterans of the unit can have one.

Yet our Liberal leaders are so obsessed with taking away guns from law-abiding owners they are hellbent on seizing even a commemorative rifle from Canadian heroes.

And their actions will prevent no crimes.

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