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China Responds to Ottawa Genocide Declaration by Accusing Canada of… Genocide

Frances Martelby Frances Martel

The Communist Party of China, through its embassy in Ottawa, accused Canada of genocide on Tuesday in response to the nation’s parliament voting to recognize China is committing genocide against its Muslim-majority ethnic groups.

Human rights activists and researchers have compiled extensive evidence that the Communist Party has built over 1,000 concentration camps for its Uyghur population in western Xinjiang, a region where Mandarin, the language of Beijing, is not commonly spoken and one to which the nation’s Han ethnic majority are not indigenous to.

Survivors of those camps have testified to being forced to endure a long list of human rights atrocities including torture, systematic rape, screening for live organ harvesting, and slavery. Women have accused Beijing of forcibly sterilizing them or killing their unborn children and newborns.

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