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IT NEVER ENDS: How many doses of vaccine will be pushed for every new coronavirus mutation?

by Lance D Johnson

(Natural News) As new coronavirus mutations are discovered around the globe, everyone lining up for the current covid-19 vaccines must wonder: “How many coronavirus vaccines does my body require in order for me to feel safe?” A microbiologist from the Czech Republic sees evidence that the current coronavirus vaccine supply is outdated, and will have very little effect against current and future waves of infection.

The initial dose of mRNA vaccine was never enough. Recipients are instructed to come in for a second dose within a month. Despite drug companies’ promising immunity with a second dose, public health authorities are now considering how to recommend a third dose, with Bill Gates already cheering the idea on. When the third dose is not enough, a fourth will be required, with seasonal boosters pushed onto people every year. In phase two clinical trials, antibody levels of the vaccinated faded in as little as two months. It may be more sensible to consider six doses of these new mRNA vaccines each year, as the science becomes a dependency program, hurting herd immunity.

Microbiologist refuses to get vaccinated with risky, pointless technology that doesn’t account for various strains

As the world combats the original SARS-CoV-2, health authorities around the globe are warning about new variants and mutations that could continue to reduce vaccine efficacy and subvert public health measures. Dr. Anthony Fauci now recommends two masks even after vaccination. Some health authorities, like Dr. Scott Segal of Wake Forest Baptist Health in Winston-Salem say three or four masks is better. If masks and vaccines are the way, the truth, and the light out of the plandemic, then how many masks and how many different types of vaccines will be needed in order to combat the various mutations that are evolving?

Coronavirus mutations have already become a seasonal problem. According to Czech Microbiologist So?a Peková, the second and third wave of infections over the past year were the result of new coronavirus mutations taking advantage of the population. She believes that the current line of vaccine for covid-19 will not work at all for the British coronavirus mutation. In the interview, she said she would not get vaccinated for coronavirus, as multiple variations take shape.


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