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Arkansas GOP Governor Vetoes Bill to Protect Children From Transgender Druggings, Mutilation


In the latest sorry instance of craven Republican behavior, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson vetoed legislation on Monday that would have protected children from being drugged and mutilated as part of a so-called gender transition.

Hutchinson vetoed the legislation that he called a “vast government overreach” that would interfere with the “parent, child, doctor-patient relationship.” He said that his heart went out to transgender children who would be forced to stop taking drugs as the result of the bill.

“That makes my heart break to think about it,” Hutchinson said.

He said that it is possible for lawmakers in both chambers to overturn his veto. The legislature is controlled by Republicans, many of whom actually have the courage to stand for the rights of children against an LGBT agenda that is after the souls of the most vulnerable.


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